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How to reduce vibration and noise in air cooled water chiller system?

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  How to reduce vibration and noise in air cooled water chiller system?

  1. The on-site rotor dynamic balance method for air-cooled chiller compressors reduces direct current vibration.

  2. Calibrate the parallelism between the motor shaft of the air-cooled chiller and the compressor spindle bearing for vibration reduction.

  3. Replace the flexible coupling in a different way to reduce the noise of industrial chillers.

  4. Tighten parts, improve installation clearance, reduce rolling bearing vibration, and reduce equipment noise The industrial chiller cooling compressor at the outlet of an oil and gas field does not work awesome, and common faults occur.

  5. Reduce speed: While ensuring cooling effectiveness, controlling the speed of the fan can effectively reduce noise. Technicians can adjust the chiller according to specific circumstances to achieve optimal working conditions while minimizing noise as much as possible.

  6. Installing a muffler: Installing a muffler at the fan outlet and inlet can effectively absorb and reduce the noise generated by the fan. The muffler should be installed between the fan and the pipeline, and appropriate specifications and models should be selected to ensure the sound reduction effect.

  7. Selection of Low Noise Equipment: When purchasing chillers, equipment with low noise design can be selected, which can reduce noise by optimizing mechanical structure and reducing vibration.

  8. Sound insulation treatment: Sound insulation treatment should be carried out on the chiller inside the computer room, such as adding sound-absorbing materials, installing soundproof doors and windows, etc., which can effectively block the spread of noise and reduce the impact on the surrounding environment and personnel.

  9. Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance of the chiller, cleaning the filter screen, adjusting the fan hub, and replacing aging components can effectively ensure the normal operation of the equipment and reduce noise.

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