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Why does the lab water chiller compressor burn out?

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  Why does the lab water chiller compressor burn out?

  1. One of the reasons is that due to a lack of phase, prolonged use can lead to burnout. The refrigeration compressor has corresponding protection, but if the wire on the compressor head falls off and burns the machine, it will happen. This kind of thing is not the first time we have encountered it, it is directly related to the manufacturer. We hope everyone can give us more opinions.

  2. The refrigeration compressor is equipped with phase sequence protection. If the wiring on the compressor drops before the unit starts, the phase sequence protection should not cause the control circuit to close. After the refrigeration compressor started normally, the wiring on the compressor fell off. Either there is a problem with your consent protection.

  Why did it fall? The main reason is still maintenance, which is caused by the long-term lack of inspection of the wiring terminals. The refrigeration compressor machine should be placed outdoors, and the air blowing port should be sprinkled. Poor maintenance and other reasons can all lead to this problem.

  Another suggestion is that when the refrigeration machine really burns out, you don’t have to be busy changing the compressor immediately. You should first unplug the main power supply of the unit, which is very hot at this time. After cooling down, use a multimeter to measure whether it burns out. Because some compressors now have thermal protection inside, connected in series outside the coil, and inside the compressor, this thermal protection can be restored.

  3. Voltage type open phase protection is used to detect the voltage of three-phase power supply. Any phase loss will disconnect the connection with the load. Current type is used to detect the three-phase current. If the current of one phase loss is zero, the connection between the power supply and the load will be disconnected. Voltage type open phase protector cannot be started in case of phase loss, and directly protects the load. When the current type is in phase loss, it can be started as long as the phase loss is not the load control power supply, But immediately detect the missing phase and cut off the power.

  When selecting, voltage type protection is generally chosen. When the motor may be dragged by other objects, due to the phenomenon of voltage backflow like a generator when being dragged, some voltage type protection with low sensitivity may not operate. So at this point, use current mode.

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