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Semiconductor TestingTemperature Control Units

Water Cooled / Air Cooled / Low & High TemperatureUsed for Semiconductor production process and testing linksDiffusion,Lithography,Etching,Lon Implantation,Thin film deposition.REQUEST A QUOTE
Semiconductor Testing
Temperature Control Units


Chillers OEM | Explosion-proof Customization| Recirculating Chillers for Laboratory | Maintenance Management | Platform Upgrade
SUNDI series used for VCSEL Ievel burn in platform
  • Used for low-temperature and high-temperature aging testing of materials, cooling and heating of semiconductor equipment, and constant temperature control of vacuum chamber refrigeration and heating. The temperature range is from -120℃ to 350℃, and the high temperature cooling technology can directly cool down from 300℃.
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LX series used for semiconductor material manufacturing
  • Equipped with a heating and cooling integrated container, the heat exchange area is large, the speed of heating and cooling is fast, and the demand for heat transfer oil is relatively small. High temperature cooling technology, 300℃~50℃, can be customized explosion-proof series Ex d IIB T4
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LT series is used for Wafer transfer equipment
  • The ethylene glycol mixed with water can be used for circulating refrigeration to save water resources. The temperature difference between on and off compressor can be set. High-performance circulating pump, no problem running 24 hours a day.
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