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What is the starting sequence flow of the 30 ton chiller?

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  What is the starting sequence flow of the 30 ton chiller?

  (1) Confirm whether the status of each relevant valve in the unit meets the requirements of this specification. Power the electric control device of the unit and turn on the power switch to turn on the electric control lamp.

  (2) When starting the cooling water pump, tower fan, and refrigerant pump, it should be possible to see the three running communication lights on. The fourth is to check whether the oil temperature reaches above 30 ℃. When the temperature is below 30 ℃, the electric heater should be turned on for heating, and the oil pump can be started to evenly increase the circulating temperature. After the oil pump starts, place the energy regulating control valve in the unloaded state and ensure that the spool valve is at zero position. Adjust the oil pressure regulating valve. Make the oil pressure reach 0.5~O.6MPa.

  (3) Turn off the power supply of the amplifier, start the control switch, open the suction valve of the amplifier, delay the start of the amplifier, and then adjust the pressure of the amplifier to be higher than the exhaust pressure of 0.15~0.3MPa.

  (4) Close the control circuit of the feeder valve inside the feeder, activate the feeder valve, place the energy regulating device in the loading position, and gradually load over time. By adjusting the expansion valve, observe the suction pressure to stabilize it between 0.36 and 0.56 MPa. After the operation is completed, disconnect the power supply of the electric heater. When the temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius, open the inlet and outlet valves of the oil dispenser at the same time, so that the oil temperature is controlled between 40 degrees Celsius and 55 degrees Celsius when the oil dispenser is running.

  (5) If the cooling temperature is low, the fan in the tower may be temporarily turned off. Open the fuel injection valve by 1/2 to 1 turn, while keeping the suction and unit outlet throttle fully open. Adjust the energy regulating device to the 100% position and adjust the expansion valve to maintain the suction overheating temperature above 6 ℃.

  (6) Check the starting status of the screw elevator.

  Adjustment of frozen water temperature: Press the “SET” button on the thermostat once, and the display screen will display the current set value of the thermostat. At this time, press the up and down triangular arrow buttons on the thermostat to adjust the set value of the thermostat. After the adjustment is completed, press the “SET” button again to confirm the new set value of the thermostat.

  Attention. Do not set the temperature of the frozen water too low. If the temperature is too low, it will reduce the refrigeration efficiency of the unit and may cause the low temperature protection action to alarm and shut down. Set the water temperature to slightly lower than the required temperature. If necessary, adjust the water temperature while operating, and adjust it according to actual needs.

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