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How about the operation protection of the 500 ton chiller?

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  How about the operation protection of the 500 ton chiller?

  The energy efficiency of a chiller determines the energy efficiency ratio of the entire refrigeration system. For a single stage plunger refrigeration compressor, the compression ratio should not be too large. When the compression ratio is too large, a series of problems will arise, that is, the compression ratio of the compressor increases with the increase of condensation temperature or the decrease of evaporation temperature. The larger the compression ratio, the larger the volume of gas in the clearance volume when it expands to the suction pressure, resulting in a smaller gas transmission coefficient of the industrial cold water machine cooling compressor. This will inevitably lead to an increase in the power consumption of the compressor, a decrease in the refrigeration coefficient of the entire chiller, and a significant reduction in the refrigeration capacity and refrigeration capacity per unit compressor volume.

  The evaporator is a key equipment for central air conditioning refrigeration, and the refrigerant can only generate the required cold air indoors through the evaporator and be sent indoors. The protection of the evaporator is an important measure for the chiller to maintain indoor temperature.

  Water is often used as a refrigerant in chillers, and the characteristic of water freezing at low temperatures can easily lead to evaporator failure. Once the cooling capacity generated by the evaporator cannot be transported in a timely manner, it will cause the water temperature to drop and freeze. To prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to install a temperature controller or flow controller on the cold water pipeline.

  By monitoring the temperature or flow rate of cold water, once the water temperature or flow rate falls below the set value, the system automatically stops cooling until the temperature or flow rate is normal before the unit can resume operation, effectively avoiding damage to the evaporator due to icing.

  The high-pressure generator is the position with the highest pressure and temperature in the chiller. At this location, solution crystallization is prone to occur in the unit, which can affect the normal circulation of the unit and cause the system to malfunction.

  The usual method to prevent crystallization is to install a temperature controller on the solution pipeline to monitor the solution temperature. Once the solution temperature exceeds the set value, the system automatically turns off the heating source and enters a low load operation state until the fault is resolved.

  The condenser is an important equipment for heat absorption. In order to maintain the temperature balance of the condenser, the heat absorbed needs to be transferred through cooling water. If the cooling water flow rate is too low or the cooling water temperature is too high, it can cause crystallization problems in the condenser.

  The condenser also solves the crystallization problem through a flow controller or temperature controller, whose basic principle is similar to other equipment. Once the cooling water flow or temperature exceeds the set value, an alarm will be triggered immediately and the unit will be shut down.

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