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What is the maintenance method for non circulating cold water in chiller for laboratory?

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  What is the maintenance method for non circulating cold water in chiller for laboratory?

  The water level in the water tank is lower than the water inlet of the water pump

  Solution: Add cooling water to the specified water level in the water tank, check if the water tank is leaking, and repair it.

  The pipeline from the laboratory cooler water pump to the water outlet is blocked

  Solution: Observe whether the cooling water pump vibrates during operation, whether there is any abnormal noise, etc., which affects the water flow. Repair or replace the water pump.

  Component or circuit failure

  Solution: Check if there is output voltage at the output end of the switch power supply, etc. If there is a malfunction in the accessory or circuit that causes the industrial cooling pump to have no power supply or the power supply circuit to be open, etc.

  1. The refrigerator manufacturer has installed protective devices for industrial refrigeration units. Users should not make arbitrary changes.

  2. It is required to regularly check whether the hot freezing system of the refrigeration unit is normal, whether the cooling tower fan and spray shaft work well, and whether the built-in freezer of the refrigeration unit is normal for re freezing.

  3. When the unit malfunctions and alarms for shutdown, press the alarm shutdown button first, and then check the cause of the malfunction. Before troubleshooting, remember not to forcefully start the equipment.

  4. In non emergency situations, do not cut off the power supply to shut down the unit; If the unit is shut down for a long time in winter, it should be closed first, and then the main power supply should be closed to drain the freeze inside the refrigeration unit.

  5. When using industrial refrigeration units, it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness and excellent ventilation of the machine room, regularly clean the condenser, and ensure the normal operation of the unit.

  6. After starting the laboratory cooler, check if the fan direction is correct. If the fan direction is normal, then it can be used normally. If the direction of the fan is opposite, the power connection is opposite, and the phase sequence needs to be replaced before starting.

  7. The refrigeration unit should keep the cooling tower clean, maintain air circulation and low temperature around the tower, prevent impurities from entering the cooling tower, and reduce heat dissipation power.

  8. When the refrigeration unit is used for six months, the system should be cleaned once a year. If the refrigeration unit has been in use for 6 months and the dehumidifier or high and low voltage switches often malfunction, or the cooling capacity decreases, it is necessary to ask the refrigerator manufacturer or professional repair personnel for repair.

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