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What happens if there is too much refrigerant added to the low temp chiller?

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  What happens if there is too much refrigerant added to the low temp chiller?

  1. The pressure is too high. The addition of excessive refrigerant can lead to an increase in pressure, which can increase the pressure inside the low-temperature cooler, causing abnormal operation of the machine, potentially damaging equipment and pipelines, and posing unnecessary safety hazards.

  2. The thermal efficiency decreases. If too much refrigerant is supplied, it will reduce the cooling efficiency during the operation of the low-temperature cooler. This is because adding more refrigerant requires more labor on the entire system, which leads to a decrease in the performance of the machine and reduces its stability and efficiency. Therefore, this may lead to a decrease in cooling effectiveness and a decrease in the amount of cooling generated.

  3. Refrigerant waste. Excessive refrigerant can lead to waste, as it can be discharged into the environment and cause pollution. In addition, wasted refrigerant will increase the operating cost of the equipment, as refrigerant is a very expensive material, and adding more will waste a lot of costs.

  4. It affects the lifespan of the equipment. Excessive refrigerant can increase the burden on the equipment and reduce its lifespan. This is because excessive refrigerant will increase the internal pressure of the equipment, leading to an increase in the burden on its components, thereby shortening the lifespan of the equipment.

  5. Impact on environmental protection. People are paying increasing attention to environmental pollution, and adding more refrigerant will increase environmental pollution. Refrigerant is a powerful greenhouse gas that can affect the atmosphere. Therefore, in order to protect the Earth, we must use cooling materials correctly.

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