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How to replace antifreeze for a 3 ton chiller?

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  How to replace antifreeze for a 3 ton chiller?

  1. The lower the concentration, the better. Due to its corrosiveness, the lower the concentration, the safer it is when meeting the antifreeze performance of a 3-ton chiller unit.

  2. The shorter the time, the better. Any substance has a certain time limit. For example, if used for a long time, the antifreeze will deteriorate. After deterioration, the corrosiveness of the antifreeze becomes stronger, and the viscosity will also change. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the 3-ton chiller unit, enterprises must pay attention to regular replacement.

  3. Do not mix different brands of antifreeze. When each manufacturer produces Antifreeze, the ingredients used are different, and the additive formula is also different. Therefore, remember not to mix different brands and types of Antifreeze to avoid chemical reaction, precipitation or bubbles, which will affect the stable operation of the chiller.

  To maintain the safe and stable operation of the equipment, it is necessary to regularly select antifreeze with lower concentration for replacement. If suitable antifreeze products can be replaced, there will be no high-temperature faults during the long-term operation of the equipment.

  Avoiding high temperature equipment failures can extend the service life of the chiller and effectively reduce the energy consumption of enterprises operating the chiller. In order to better use industrial refrigerators, enterprises need to carefully inspect the operating environment before and after operating industrial refrigerators. The less energy consumption a company consumes when running a chiller, the higher the cost-effectiveness of using a chiller.

  When purchasing antifreeze for chillers, it is necessary to choose products that have a longer lifespan. If the chiller is used for a long time and the probability of equipment failure is low, then the cost of replacing antifreeze for enterprises can be fully controlled.

  The longer the service life of antifreeze, the lower the cost for enterprises to replace antifreeze, thereby extending the service life of the chiller. The longer the service life of the equipment, the higher the cost-effectiveness of enterprises using chillers, ensuring that enterprises can complete production tasks at a low cost. When the cooling performance of the equipment decreases, it will inevitably consume a higher amount of energy and even threaten the normal use of a 3-ton chiller.

  When replacing antifreeze products, it is necessary to choose antifreeze that is suitable for the equipment’s operating standards. If the operating indicators of the antifreeze are low, it is easy to cause common faults in the chiller, endangering the safety and lifespan of the equipment. Replacing antifreeze suitable for the equipment can extend the service life of the antifreeze and provide conditions for saving the cost of operating a 3-ton chiller.

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