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How to handle the malfunction of the evaporator chiller?

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  How to handle the malfunction of the evaporator chiller?

  1. Exhaust when the pressure is high. There may be a problem with heat dissipation.

  When the high and low pressure of the evaporator cooler refrigeration system is detected to be higher than normal, it is generally because the system is overcharged with air or refrigerant. In this case, the problem can be solved by re vacuuming and adding an appropriate amount of refrigerant.

  However, there are also cases of poor heat dissipation, especially when the ambient temperature is relatively high, which often leads to worse heat dissipation. The reasons for this type of malfunction are generally blockage and dirt in the radiator, insufficient speed of the cooling fan, etc.

  If the pressure is too low, the refrigerant will be lost, otherwise the system will shut down.

  When both high and low pressures are low, there are two possibilities:

  (1) The system is blocked, and the blocked part will cause throttling. There will be a significant temperature difference in the throttling part, which can be detected by hand.

  (2) Refrigerant leakage leads to insufficient refrigerant, which is a common situation. At this point, it is necessary to use an evaporator cooler detector to identify the leaking part and replace it.

  3. Replace the compressor at low pressure, high pressure, or low pressure.

  When the pressure gauge of the evaporator cooler detects that the low pressure of the evaporator cooler system is higher than normal and the high pressure is lower than normal, the refrigeration effect of the chiller cannot reach the refrigeration effect of the normal evaporator cooler. The reason is likely due to the wear of the evaporator cooler pump, resulting in a decrease in power. At this point, it is often necessary to replace the compressor to solve the problem.

  4. There is water vapor in the shaking table system, so evacuation must be more thorough.

  During the operation of the evaporator cooler system, if the pressure gauge pointer continues to shake, there is water in the system. To solve this problem, it is generally necessary to vacuum again, and the suction time should not be less than 15 minutes. If necessary, replace the drying bottle to completely drain the water in the system.

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