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What if the compressor of the 2 ton water chiller cannot start?

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  What if the compressor of the 2 ton water chiller cannot start?

  The chiller compressor cannot be started, which can be investigated based on the following clues

  Firstly, check the main circuit. For example, whether the power supply has power, whether the voltage is normal, whether the starting overload fuse is burned out, whether the air switch trips, whether the switch contacts are in good condition, and whether the power supply is missing. Observe the Voltmeter and Ammeter when starting. When the chiller unit is not equipped with a Ammeter and a Voltmeter, a multimeter or a stylus can be used to check the power supply. When the power supply voltage is too low, the compressor cannot start.

  2. For piston refrigeration compressors, do the connecting rod large end bearing shells and curved sleeves show any signs of shaft hugging. These may be caused by high exhaust temperature or coking of lubricating oil, causing the cylinder to bond with the piston, causing the compressor to fail to start.

  3. Check the differential pressure relay and the high and low voltage relay. When the oil pressure of the compressor is abnormal, the compressor can stop running. At the same time, when the discharge pressure and suction pressure of the compressor are abnormal, the compressor cannot start or quickly stops running after starting.

  4. Check whether the chilled water volume, cooling water volume and water temperature are normal. If the water volume is small and the water temperature is high, the condensation pressure will sharply increase and the evaporation temperature will rapidly decrease. Due to the operation of the unit’s protective facilities, it usually shuts down quickly.

  5. Check whether the relevant solenoid valves and regulating valves are malfunctioning and whether they are opened or closed as required.

  6. Check if there is any refrigerant leakage or adjustment error in the temperature package of the temperature relay.

  Before starting the industrial chiller, the following work should be done:

  1. First check whether the power supply is normal. The power supply voltage shall not exceed or be lower than the rated voltage of the unit ± the commonly used voltage of 3-phase 380V and single-phase 220V. When the voltage is too low or too high, the water cooler cannot start.

  2. The compressor unit with water system shall carefully check whether there is water in the cooling water system and chilled water system, whether the water pressure is normal, and whether the cooling water and chilled water pipeline system is unblocked.

  3. Check whether various pressure gauges, thermometers, flow meters, solenoid valves, relays, and energy regulating valves are intact and undamaged.

  4. Check the transmission device. If belt transmission is used, are all protective devices completely reliable, and are all error and protective equipment complete and effective.

  5. Check whether the various valves of the high-pressure and low-pressure systems of the industrial chiller are in the correct switch state during startup or operation.

  6. Check the lubricating oil in the crankcase. The oil level should not be lower than or higher than the indicated oil level. If the lubricating oil is insufficient, add enough lubricating oil of the same specification and model.

  7. Check for leaks in the refrigerant system of the industrial chiller and the lubricating oil system.

  8. Check whether the liquid level in the reservoir is normal, and the liquid level should be kept between one-third and two-thirds.

  9. Read shift handover records, installation and maintenance related records, reports, and drawings.

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