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LTS  -20℃~80℃


· Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.1℃ at -20℃~0℃

· Flow Control 12~45L/min

· Internal Circulating Fluid Volume 4L~10L

· Condenser Air-cooling /Water-cooling

· Expansion tank volume 10L~20L

Product Features
  1. Cooling Heating Temperature Control System (Fluorinated Liquid)
  2. The pressure holding test of the medium circulation system is 7 bar.
  3. Use high-quality magnetic pump without mechanical shaft seal.
  4. Optimize temperature sampling and response speed, specially designed control algorithm, can respond quickly to stable temperature control.
  5. Enhance the design of circulating pump capacity to meet the high-lift requirements of the system.
  6. Continuous high temperature cooling technology meets the requirements of stable operation when heat is loaded on the heat sink plate and requires constant temperature control of cooling and heating.
  7. In view of the volatile characteristics of fluorinated liquid, the joint design and system sealing design are strengthened to ensure the service life of the medium.
Main Parameters
Temperature range -20℃~80℃
Temperature control accuracy±0.1℃  at  -20℃~0℃
Flow control7~25L/min12~45L/min
The flow control adopts frequency converter adjustment, and the speed is automatically adjusted according to the feedback signal of the flow sensor. The maximum pressure of the circulating pump is 5bar.
Internal circulating fluid volume4L5L6L8L10L
Expansion tank volume10L10L15L15L20L
System pressure displayThe pressure of the refrigeration system is realized by a pointer pressure gauge (high pressure, low pressure)
The pressure acquisition outlet position of the circulatory system is detected by a pressure sensor and displayed on the touch screen
ControllerSiemens PLC, fuzzy PID control algorithm, with cascade control algorithm
Temperature controlHeat transfer medium outlet temperature control mode
External temperature sensor: (PT100 or 4~20mA or communication setting) control mode (cascade control)
Letter of agreementEthernet interface TCP/IP protocol
RS485 interface modbus RTU protocol
Internal temperature feedback of equipmentEquipment heat transfer medium outlet temperature, medium inlet temperature, refrigeration system condensation temperature, ambient temperature, compressor suction temperature, cooling water temperature (available for water-cooled equipment)
Closed circulation systemThe whole system is a fully enclosed system, low temperature does not absorb moisture in the air, does not volatilize the heat transfer medium, and the low temperature automatically supplements the heat transfer medium into the circulation system
CompressorEmerson Copeland/Danfoss Scroll Flexible Compressor
Circulating pumpGerman brand magnetic circulation pump
EvaporatorAdopt Danfoss/Gaoli plate heat exchanger
CondenserMicro channel condenser (air-cooled)
Plate heat exchanger (water-cooled), special attention: clean factory water is required
Refrigeration accessoriesDanfoss/Emerson accessories (filter drier, oil separator, high and low pressure protector, expansion valve)
Operation panelWuxi Guanya customized 7-inch color touch screen, temperature curve display\EXCEL data export
SecurityWith self-diagnosis function; phase sequence open-phase protector, refrigerating machine overload protection; high-pressure pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device and other security functions.
Accessories Details

Product Applications

Widely used in the research of production users such as petroleum, chemical industry, materials, pesticides, flavors and fragrances, medicine and various scientific research and experimental projects. It is used to complete the process of crystallization, hydrogenation, polymerization, condensation, heating and mixing, and constant temperature reaction.Widely used in the semiconductor manufacturing process to control the temperature of the reaction chamber, the temperature of the heat sink, and the temperature control of the non-flammable fluid of the heat transfer medium.

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