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Note: Water Cooled Chillers can be customized explosion-proof.

The water-cooled chiller uses a shell-and-tube evaporator to exchange heat between water and refrigerant. The refrigerant system absorbs the heat in the water. After the water is cooled, the heat is   transferred to the shell-and-tube condenser through the compressor. After the water absorbs heat, the heat is taken out to the external cooling tower   through the water pipe for heat dissipation.

1.Temperature control range: – 120 ℃~350 ℃; Single fluid water-cooled chiller is used for rapid cooling and heating at night, and is widely used in petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, freeze-drying, military and other scientific and technological industries. 2. Famous brand semi-closed piston compressor, semi-closed bipolar piston compressor, semi-hermetic screw compressor, main brand are BOCK. Bitzer, Copeland, Handbell, fusheng; Plate heat exchanger, Small volume, High efficiency
3. Top imported cold controller; Generator cooling water circuit uses intermediate heat exchanger, improve system reliability and safety.
4. DANFOSS electronic expansion valve, high precision control;
5. Adopt Siemens PLC S7-200/300, LNEYA touch screen, automatic control, temperature curve display, temperature record U disk, fault alarm;
6. Offer machine installation and system test, users only need to finish the installation of refrigerant and cooling water.

Ultra-low Temperature For

ModelCooling Capacity  Circulation PumpExpansion TankPower
LC -25°C~ 5°C12kW~360kW6.6m³/h~50m³/h 2.5BAR100L~1800L12kW~247kW
LJ -45°C~-10°C6kW~360kW6.6m³/h~50m³/h 2.5BAR50L~1800L102kW~247kW
LN -60°C~ -10°C6kW~360kW6.6m³/h~50m³/h 2.5BAR100L~1800L14kW~300kW
LD -80°C~ -30°C  4kW~270kW10m³/h~250m³/h 2.5BAR100L~2200L14kW~588kW
CDLJ -110°C~-50°C2kW~180kW6.6m³/h~50m³/h 2.5BAR50L~1000L14kW~768kW
LT -120°C~-70°C0.3kW~4kW20L/min0.7BAR~35L/min1BAR8.6kW~36kW
SLJ -110°C~-150°C1.4kW~11kW14L~40L5.5kW~14kW

High & Low Temperature For Reaction

ModelCooling Capacity  Heaing PowerCirculation PumpPower 220V 380V
SUNDI -30℃~180℃0.3kW~3kW2kW~3kW10L/min 0.8bar~20L/min 2bar2.9kW~4.5kW
SUNDI -10℃~200℃1.5kW~15kW2.5kW~15kW20L/min 2bar~75L/min 2.5bar3.6kW~20kW
SUNDI -25℃~200℃1kW~200kW2.5kW~200kW20L/min 2bar~600L/min 2.5bar4kW~260kW
SUNDI -25℃~300℃1kW~200kW2.5kW~200kW20L/min 2bar~600L/min 2.5bar4kW~260kW
SUNDI -45℃~250℃0.45kW~200kW3.5kW~200kW35L/min 2bar~600L/min 2.5bar6.5kW~280kW
SUNDI -45℃~300℃0.9kW~25kW5.5kW~25kW35L/min 2bar~150L/min 2.5bar9.5kW~38kW
SUNDI -60℃~250℃2.5kW~60kW0.25kW~60kW20L/min 2bar~250L/min 2.5bar5kW~95kW
SUNDI -70℃~250℃0.4kW~15kW2.5kW~15kW20L/min 2bar~110L/min 2.5bar5.2kW~28kW
SUNDI -80℃~250℃0.3kW~80kW3kW~80kW20L/min 2bar~400L/min 2.5bar7.5kW~150kW
SUNDI -90℃~250℃0.2kW~80kW3kW~80kW20L/min 2bar~400L/min 2.5bar8kW~170kW
SUNDI -100℃~135℃0.45kW~80kW3.5kW~80kW35L/min 2bar~400L/min 2.5bar12kW~200kW

High &Low Temperature For Semiconductor Test

ModelHeating PowerRefrigerating OutputTemp. control AccuracyPowerCirculation Pump
TES -45℃~250℃2.5kW~25kW0.25kW~25kW±0.3℃6kW~36kW20L~150L/min2.5bar
TES -85℃~200℃2.5kW~25kW0.25kW~25kW±0.3℃6.5kW~50kW20L~150L/min2.5bar
TES -60℃~200℃15kW~60kW3kW~60kW±0.3℃28kW~105kW110L~300L/min2.5bar

High &Low Temperaute For Vehicle Test

ModelHeating PowerCooling CapacityTemp. control AccuracyPower
KRY  -40℃~+100℃5.5kW~38kW1.2kW~60kW±0.5℃12kW~82kW
KRY 0℃~+100℃2.5kW~38kW1.8kW~60kW±0.5℃6.5kW~50kW
KRY -25℃~+100℃5.5kW~25kW2.8kW~38kW±0.5℃11kW~45kW

You can contact us for custom temperature solutions. Just state your needs.

The whole system is a fully closed system, and there is no water absorption during low temperature operation, which ensures the purity of the cold heat transfer medium, prevents ice crystals, and improves the life of the heat transfer fluid.

The direct-cooling ultra-low temperature freezer developed by LNEYA adopts international brand compressors and single-compressor automatic cascade refrigeration technology. It can be cooled to minus 120°C within 3 minutes, and the cooling speed is fast, 300℃ diect cooling, safe and reliable.

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