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Dynamic Temperature Control SystemsSUNDI Series

Typical Applications
  • Various types of reactor temperature control
  • Microchannel reactor temperature control
  • Small thermostatic control system
  • Distillation system thermostatic control
  • Material aging test temperature control
  • Combined chemical constant temperature control,
  • Semiconductor equipment cooling and heating
  • Vacuum chamber cooling and heating
  • More Applications
Benefits and Features
  • Temperature range -120°C to 350°C
  • High precision and intelligence
  • Multifunctional alarm system and safety features
  • 7-inch, 10-inch color TFT touch screen graphic display
  • With magnetic drive pump, there’s no shaft seal leakage problem
  • No need to change liquid medium
  • High temperature cooling technology, can directly cool down from 300℃
  • Cooling power 0.5kW~120kW
  • More Details

SUNDI Series Dynamic Temperature Control System Can Be Either Air-cooled Chiller Or Water-cooled Chiller. The Choice Of Air Cooling Or Water Cooling Depends On Your On-Site Process Conditions And Requirements, You Can Explain To Us At The First Time, So As To Better Choose The SUNDI Model.



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Appearance of SUNDI series

From laboratory benchmarks to large factories

In chemical and biological processes, the transformation of substances usually takes place in reactors, Dynamic compensation of exothermic or endothermic chemical reactions presents a greater challenge to temperature control systems. Especially if the reaction takes place in extreme temperature ranges, the temperature control system must provide fast compensation.

Structural Design Drawing

  SUNDI adopts fully enclosed pipeline design, high-efficiency plate heat exchanger.   Reduces the need for thermal fluid utilization while providing the system with a rapid rise and fall in temperature.

    The heat transfer medium is in a closed liquid circulation system with an expansion vessel, and the liquid cycle is adiabatic and does not participate in the cycle, only mechanical connection.

Schematic of SUNDI Control Material

Through three-point sampling (material temperature point, outlet temperature of temperature control system, inlet temperature of temperature control system), through the combination of our company’s self created model free recommendation algorithm and general anti lag cascade algorithm.

Independently Developed Frequency Conversion Control Circulating Pump;

Suitable for short time intense exothermic and endothermic reaction.

Connect With The Computer

To achieve data synchronization with the instrument panel

  • Communication distance within 200m
  • Real time control screen
  • Curve record
  • Program selection

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