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KRY 0℃~+100℃ (Normal Temperature)

Vehicle Test Chillers

· Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.5℃

· Service Acceptance Customization

· Heating Power 2.5kW~60kW

· Cooling Capacity 1.8kW~60kW

· Power 4.5kW~82kW

· Refrigerant R448A

· Type Air-cooling /Water-cooling

Product Features

· KRY series chillers, the temperature range is -0℃~+100℃, and the temperature control accuracy is plus or minus 0.5℃.

· The equipment can control the flow and pressure independently while controlling the temperature, and different customized solutions are required for simultaneous control.
· The tested object is attached to a test platform adapter.
· The inside of the part was cooled and heated by an aqueous solution of ethylene glycol.
· The test component needs to go through a specific temperature profile and record changes in temperature.
· When performing a tolerance test, it usually takes an infinite loop.

Equipped with a powerful circulation pump while ensuring the delivery of highly viscous liquids.
Control the flow output with variable frequency regulation or proportional control valve to achieve high precision control total range 5%~100% adjustment.

Main Parameters

ModelTemp RangeTemp control precisionTemp feedbackHeating powerCooling CapacityRefrigerantPower 380V50HZDimension(W) cmDimension(A) cmWeight (water cooling)
KRY-250℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt1002.5KW2.5KW2.5KW1.8KW R448A4.5KW220V 45*85*130 
KRY-550℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt1005.5KW5.5KW5.5KW3.8KW R448A8.5KW 55*95*175250KG
KRY-750℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt1007.5KW7.5KW7.5KW5.2KW R448A11.5KW 55*95*175280KG
KRY-A100℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10010KW10KW10KW7KW R448A16KW 70*100*175320KG
KRY-A15/A15W0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10010KW/15KW15KW15KW11KW R448A18KW80*120*18580*120*185360KG
KRY-A25/A25W0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10015KW/25KW25KW25KW18KW R448A28KW80*120*185100*150*185620KG
KRY-A38W0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10025KW/38KW38KW38KW27KW R448A40KW100*150*185 890KG
KRY-A60W0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10038KW/60KW60KW60KW42KW R448A61KW145*205*205 1300KG
KRY-75/75W/2S0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt1007.5KW10KW10KW7KWR404A/R507C/R125/N4017KW 70*100*175360KG
KRY-A15/A15W/2S0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10010KW15KW15KW11KW20KW 80*120*185450KG
KRY-A25W/2S0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10015KW25KW25KW18KW31KW 100*150*185750KG
KRY-A38W/2S0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10025KW38KW38KW27KW43KW 120*180*2051000KG
KRY-A60W/2S0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10038KW60KW60KW42KW65KW 145*205*2251700KG
KRY-25/2T0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt1002.5KW*22.5KW*22.5KW*21.8KW*2 R448A9KW220V 55*100*175260KG
KRY-55/2T0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt1005.5KW*25.5KW*25.5KW*23.8KW*2 R448A19KW 70*100*175320KG
KRY-75/2T0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt1007.5KW*27.5KW*27.5KW*25.2KW*2 R448A23KW 80*120*185400KG
KRY-A10/2T0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10010KW*210KW*210KW*27KW*2 R448A29KW 100*150*185580KG
KRY-A15/2T0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10010KW*215KW*215KW*211KW*2 R448A34KW 100*150*185750KG
KRY-A25/2T0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10015KW*225KW*225KW*218KW*2 R448A52KW 145*205*2051250KG
KRY-A38W/2T0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10025KW*238KW*238KW*227KW*2 R448A80KW 145*205*2251600KG
KRY-A60W/2T0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10038KW*260KW*260KW*242KW*2 R448A120KW 145*245*2252400KG
KRY-A15/A15W/3S0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10010KW15KW15KW11KWR404A/R507C/R125/N4022KW 80*120*185420KG
KRY-A25/25W/3S0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10015KW25KW25KW18KW33KW 100*150*185750KG
KRY-A38W/3S0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10025KW38KW38KW27KW45KW 120*180*2051000KG
KRY-A60W/3S0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10038KW60KW60KW42KW68KW 145*205*2251700KG
KRY-A25W/6S0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10015KW25KW25KW18KW38KW 120*180*205900KG
KRY-A38W/6S0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10025KW38KW38KW27KW55KW 145*205*2251200KG
KRY-A60W/6S0℃~+100℃±0.5℃Pt10038KW60KW60KW42KW82KW 145*205*2251950KG

“T” temperature/pressure/flow can be independently controlled,

“S” temperature is consistent, and pressure/flow is controlled separately,

“W” stands for water cooling type, and “W” is air cooling type if not marked.

Product Applications

Temperature simulation for vehicle quality test: battery life test, fuel injector/motor test bench, airbag test, component test bench, etc. It can simulate the external environmental conditions in the climate chamber or replace the internal system, which can create the necessary actual temperature conditions for the test bench.

Test temperature of main test items of vehicle electronics:
IC test conditions for locomotives: -40℃~125℃, wind blowing, sun exposure, high vibration;
Instrument panel operation test test conditions: -40℃~85℃;
Motor controller test conditions: operating test temperature: 40 ℃ ~ 110 ℃;
Satellite positioning (GPS) Test conditions: high temperature operation test temperature: 85℃; low temperature operation test temperature: -40℃;
Compound vibration: -40℃~80℃;
Obviously the best solution is for the test house to have temperature simulation system equipment.

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